Success Institute Charter School is a state funded
charter school whose focus is to motivate and enhance
learning through innovative teaching techniques in
order to inspire all students to reach their full potential
The ultimate goal of Success Institute is to develop
independent thinkers and positive, productive citizens
through character development, athletic initiative,
programming, quality learning, and self-enhancement
Success offers a variety of programs designed to
challenge our students to reach their full potential.
These programs are sure to make your child's
learning experience one that they'll never forget! Our
programs include HOTS, REACH, and many
more...Find out more about our programs
Tuition is not a factor at
Success Institute since it
is a public school paid for
by the State of North
Find out about
all of Success's T's of
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Success Institute Charter School
1424 #2 Rickert Street   Statesville, NC 28677
Office: 704.881.0441    |      Fax: 704.881-0870
Success Recognition Awards

>2006-07  Recognized as School of High Growth

>2009-10  Recognized as School of High Growth

>2011-12 Recognized as a School of High Growth
The mission of Success
Institute Charter School is to
provide a holistic and
challenging educational
environment that enhances
both students and their
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